Baby Gavin's Room: Progress

So lately we've been wrapping up various projects in baby Gavin's room. Before we bought the house, his room was a sewing/ crafting room and it looked like this: 

After the previous owners moved out it remained vacant until we found out we were expecting.

Then we got to work. The first step was painting! We decided to paint all of the walls gray except one accent wall. When we initially painted we hadn't found out if the baby was a boy or a girl so we left the accent wall white. 

Next up was furniture. And if anyone knows us, we LOVE IKEA!!! Well, it's kind of a love-hate relationship. We love their cute and affordable furniture, but we hate their instructions! Gavin's dresser probably took a good 1.5 to 2 hours of scratching our heads trying to assemble about 1000 pieces that all looked the same. The crib was a breeze, but that's because it's Graco! Ha! 

The crib is actually a gift from Eddie's great-grandparents who passed away in October and January. Their love of life and family is something we hope to embody in our home as we start a new little family of our own!

After putting all the furniture together the room began to look a bit more like a nursery: still empty and plain, but at least we got the ball rolling! We picked up a nice glider-recliner from Ashley Furniture which is oh-so-cozy! You can literally fall asleep in it! We plan to use it in the next nursery and then eventually retire it to the living room for lounging. The book basket is from TJMaxx and the wall shelf sitting on the floor is from IKEA like 15 years ago. 

Once we found out that our little bean was BOY, we painted the accent wall navy blue and went all out with a rustic garage/vehicle theme! Below is a mood board  I created to help me gather ideas.

I thought this map from Hobby Lobby was a perfect representation of the colors we wanted and it sort of ties in with the theme, like a road-trip map! I'm hoping to pinpoint locations we take Gavin on his map someday.

We went over to Eddie's parents' house and dug through a bunch of his favorite old matchbox cars. I put them in a shadow box and it's now sitting on the dresser until I find a better home for it. The street sign decor and rustic box are also from Hobby Lobby. 

With help and inspiration from Pinterest, we also made an alphabet wall and incorporated traffic signs to tie in with the theme. I decoupaged scrapbook paper onto the letters and we hung them on the wall with command picture-hanging strips. I plan to paint the white letters a hammered-metal color in the near future.

Going with the garage theme, we had to have a pegboard!! We started off with a simple frame made of 1" lumber that we cut to size and painted gray. Then we just screwed the pegboard on, which we also painted gray. Ta-da! The rug is from IKEA and the changing pad cover was found on Etsy. I plan on hanging frames, decor and some baskets on it. A shelf will eventually make its way above the pegboard, as well.

Finally, we have our current project for Gavin's room. We are constructing a rustic wall decor piece to hang behind the crib using pallet wood. Last week I took to the sander and cleaned up the boards a bit. Then I cut the boards off the pallets by sawing  behind the boards at the nails with a reciprocating saw. The next step is to nail the boards to a frame and stain. Then, I will probably add Gavin's name nice and big in orange letters. It's still a work in progress. 

More updates to come once we get around to finishing some more projects!


  1. Lucky little boy, the room is looking GREAT!!!! I just love love love everything you have done!!