Weekend Warriors: Front Updates

Since the baby will be here shortly, our DIY home renovation list never seems to end! We really enjoy it, though! It's become a hobby and it gives us time to spend together while still being productive (because we're busy bees and just can't sit still! Ha!).

Actually, we love DIYing so much that we keep adding things to the list! Like this weekend, for instance. As usual we tackled quite a few projects, but none of those projects were even our our list! Oh brother!

This weekend we focused mostly on the front yard. Besides the typical pulling weeds and mowing the lawn, we added a new rhododendron bush, stained the mailbox, changed out light bulbs in the front and cleaned the fixtures. Those things were so filthy! I'm hoping to upgrade to some new, less-faded, dusk-to-dawn lights in the future.

Eddie also added decorative hinges to the garage door. I LOVE them!!! It adds a little detail to an otherwise boring garage. And they're just so rustic and cute! They were super easy to put on (a few screws) and we bought the kits from Home Depot for $40! Not too shabby!


  1. Mindy, it turned out so cute! We are in the middle of purchasing a garage door for the new house and were just looking at those kits. Yours turned out great!!

    1. Thanks, Jill!! It was an easy project for such a big impact!